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A high RBC count tells us that there has been an increase in oxygen-carrying cells in.

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There are several things that can cause your red blood cell count, or similar lab tests such as hemoglobin and hematocrit, to be high.Contrary to primary polycythemia in which overproduction of red blood cell results from increased sensitivity or responsiveness to Epo (often with lower than normal levels of Epo), in secondary polycythemia, more red cells are produced because of high levels of circulating Epo.

Fever and irritability are often the first indications of Kawasaki Disease in children. often bright red. an elevated white blood cell count and an.Significance of low red cell distribution width (low RDW) and high red cell distribution width (high RDW) levels on blood tests: Easy to understand entry.

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Since red blood cells are essential in the movement of oxygen throughout the body, people who live at higher altitudes, where oxygen is thinner, may have a slightly higher normal range.Polycythemia (High Red Blood Cell Count) Article. Persistent Cough in Adults and Children).

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Elevated RBC and elevated WBC together likely mean the person is dehydrated.

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Learn about blood count tests, like the complete blood count.High Red Blood Cell CountRed blood cells (RBCs) are known as erythrocytes and they perform the most important function of the blood.

A reduced number of red blood cells causes the red cell number and hemoglobin (a type of protein in the red blood cells that carries oxygen to the tissues of the body) to drop.High hemoglobin count indicates an abnormal concentration of oxygen. low hemoglobin but high red blood cell count.

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Updated on July 17,. can cause red blood cells to increase in production,.

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In children, the threshold for high red blood cell count varies with age and sex. Causes. High red blood cell count may be caused by low oxygen levels, kidney disease or other problems.

Children Complete Blood Count (For Parents) (Nemours Foundation) Also.Laboratory tests show a high hematocrit (red blood cell count).Complications of a high red blood cell count include blood clots,.

Aplastic anemia occurs when the bone marrow produces too few of all types of blood cells: red cells, white cells, and platelets.

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Platelets are small fragments of the red blood cells produced in.